13 Black Cats

13 Black Cats
13 Black Cats
13 Black Cats

13 BLACK CATS (Stunt pilots troupe)

The 13 Black Cats were a troupe of flamboyant stunt pilots who defied both superstition and the odds of survival during the 1920's and 1930's.

Possessing the nine lives of their namesake, the 13 Black Cats performed death-defying aerial stunts and advertised their skills for the film industry with the slogan "Anything for a price." Each member of the 13 Black Cats formulated a nickname so that the number of letters in their name would total 13. The troupe would become world famous and the most-photographed aerial daredevils of all time.


13 Black Cats stunt fees:

Loop-the-loop with men standing on wing tips - $450

Delayed parachute jump with 1,000 feet freefall - $150

Double parachute jump with both men using same chute - $180

Plane to plane or plane to car transfer - $150

Flight tableau on upper wing with 1 man knocked off - $225

Plane blows up in midair as pilot chutes out - $1,500

Crash plane into anything - $1,200

Marks associated with 13 Black Cats: JetRanch, Blackout Lounge and X-15®

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